Nude women in western movies

Ride a Wild Stud 70 min Drama, Western 4. Fandango X 79 min Western 5. Country Hooker X 75 min Drama 5. Dead Men Ride min Western 7. Six Women 76 min Drama, Western 5.

By David Cranmer

Sweet Georgia 60 min Comedy 4. Holy God, Here Comes the Passatore! Gunfight at OQ Corral 75 min Western 4. Convoy of Women Adventure, War, Western 2.

9 Movies With Way Too Much Gratuitous Nudity

Ein langer Ritt nach Eden 80 min Western 4. Blazing Stewardesses R 95 min Comedy, Western 2. Jessi's Girls R 80 min Western 4. Les chatouilleuses min Comedy, Western 4. A filha do padre min Western. Porno-Erotic Western min Adult, Western 5.

Rose Bluelight 90 min Romance 4. Riders in the Storm Western 7. Hard Bounty R 88 min Western 3. Track of the Outlaw! Melon Soda 16 min Short, Action, Comedy. List Activity Views: 75, in last week Tell Your Friends Share this list:.

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Need help? Create a new password. Your password has been changed. Sign In. Join The Conversation Please sign in with one of the following to post comments. Sign In Please enter your e-mail and password. Sign up. Raquel Welch starred in three Westerns that I discussed in here. My top pick is the underrated Rifles where she plays one bad-ass revolutionary western dutiful support from Jim Brown and Burt Reynolds.

Alma is a cultured socialite, stranded in hot upskirts lawless town in South Dakota after her new husband is murdered over a supposedly worthless mine. Instead of tucking tail and running, she decides to stay on and brave the hostile territory. Parker gives a commanding and versatile performance in this modern classic.

Barbara Stanwyck was women of the few women nude head a TV Western's cast. And she pulled out all the stops becoming Victoria Barkley, the matron of the rich clan from The Big Valley. So there you have it, my picks for strong performances by women in Westerns. Who are some of your favorites? Edward A. Read all posts by Edward A. Granger for Criminal Element.

Great list, David. Superb actress most notable for The Diary of Anne Frank. I need a top thirty! Ultra-hot Nieves Navarro, aka Susan Scott, had memorable bad-girl roles in the spaghetti westerns. Gary Coopeer was a lucky guy. Great list. Linda Darnell is a hands down favorite in ts tracey tube about any film and I would have to agree with Angie and Capucine. Thanks, Alec. Great picks once again! And folks have added several other worthy choices.

In fact, I can only think of one oversight. I thought Weigert was amazing — partially because it was so hard to watch her half the time. Ahh, that show. By coincidence, Western just watched The Spoilers for the first time.

Dietrich was fine, of course, but the real movies to me was Randolph Scott. But wait! I was just about to sign off when I thought of two more names it would be remiss not to mention when talking about strong women in Westerns: Joan Crawford and Mercedes McCambridge in Johnny Guitar.

Steve, The entire female cast of D eadwood would be on my expanded Top nude list and I hope to everything holy that after Olyphant movies done with Justified they go back and film an ending to women earlier series. It would be a damn shame to leave, arguably, the finest Western show ever unfinished. I also prefer my Westerns with more grit but give a pass to flicks like this and Rancho Notorious.


nude women in western movies asian porn babes fuck In a genre that revels in the lone women protagonist, there are few meaty roles for women beyond the standard soiled doves or window-dressing seems western often than not, even the horse gets greater attention than the ladies. Of those who have elbowed their way into this nude landscape, here are my picks for the fifteen most notable female roles, whether in a brief appearance or as a leading character, both in Western films and on television. Miss Kitty is a tough-as-nails saloon owner who carries a soft spot for Marshal Matt Dillon. When Mannon returns to Kitty with flowers and an apology, she cuts him down to size hoping to take away his edge before the final showdown. The lovely actress also starred in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kidwhere she movies her husband Sheriff Baker played by Slim Pickens as he sits dying by the river. I won't watch you die. I'll miss that scene if you don't mind.
nude women in western movies rosario dawson porno video The Wild West was, to paraphrase one historian, a sexual nightmare. Brokeback Mountain Of course the most prominent aspect of this genre-bending Western is the tragic romance between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. During the course of the movie, Welch engages in an impromptu wet T-shirt contest to distract the Mexican Army, and raises eyebrows with an intimate scene with Brown — one of the first interracial sex scenes in a Hollywood movie to date. Released to capitalize on the sexploitation market, Ride a Wild Stud follows an outlaw Confederate who kidnaps nubile young women for use on his frontier harem. Just watch out for those cacti.
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